Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2024

Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2024


As the space that receives the most foot traffic, the kitchen should look good and function at its best. From artsy kitchen islands to warm wood cabinets, the kitchens of 2024 and beyond are destined for greatness. Here are the top kitchen remodeling trends to keep an eye out for.

Colors, materials, styles, and finishes make the kitchen an appealing spot for eating, socializing, and even storage. Without a cozy nook to savor breakfast or an elegant space to sip wine, the home feels lackluster and empty. Fortunately, sprucing up the kitchen is a practical endeavor.

What are the kitchen remodeling trends of 2024?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association reveals the remodeling trends of 2024. Minimalistic designs that are easy to maintain, a focus on sustainability, and a connection to the outdoors receive special due. Islands and a place for wellness also characterize the kitchens of tomorrow.

Plain white kitchens, dull gray cabinets, microwaves over the range, and trash compactors are no longer popular. Homeowners on the lookout for the latest kitchen remodeling trends can expect to see a surge in warm neutrals, lighter woods, and earth tones. Following are more of the newest remodeling trends.

  1. Connection with Nature

Integrating nature into kitchen décor means that green paint is the latest design trend. Green cabinets and natural wood are making a splash. Homeowners enjoy earthy comfort from nature’s favorite color. If committing to green cabinets is too bold, consider an emerald green backsplash instead.

Kitchen islands painted in an alluring green color help homeowners feel more connected to nature. Also trendy for 2024 and beyond is incorporating new and more efficient ways to reuse, recycle, and reduce waste. Kitchens that prioritize storage for recycling and composting are taking off.

  1. Work-of-Art Kitchen Islands

Although kitchen islands aren’t a new trend, developments in island design are. Island seating no longer resembles that of a bar; rather, the trend is to make them encourage more conversation. Wrap-around seating now replaces the traditional all-in-a-row seating arrangements.

Homes with an existing kitchen island can still integrate the latest trends. The islands can become focal points with distinct countertops made of unique pieces of stone, contrasting colors, and materials. Islands are a work of art as well as functional closed storage spaces.

  1. Noiseless Appliances

Appliances that generate the least amount of noise are ideal. Ultra-quiet dishwashers, for example, are preferred by the majority of homeowners. The noisy trash compactor is slowly being phased out in favor of standard pull-out receptacles. Soft push-to-open cabinetry is also catching on.

  1. Layered Lighting

Oversized lighting fixtures that take center stage are the style of 2024. Layered lighting is also important. The kitchens of the future incorporate soft LED base lighting around the island, under-cabinet lighting, wall sconces and spectacular, statement-piece lighting fixture over the artsy island.

  1. Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the material of choice for homeowners looking to remodel in 2024. It’s an easy-to-clean surface that’s also stain-resistant and heat-tolerant. Quartzite, granite, marble, and sintered stone follow close behind in terms of popularity. Colors are expected to be matte or honed.

  1. Beverage Stations

Upgrade the kitchen with a built-in coffee maker, wine bar, and smoothie center. As the latest microtrend, the beverage station can be designed to be simple with room for glassware or extravagant with the addition of a sink, mini fridge, and other features that enhance the layout.

  1. Maximized Storage

Kitchen storage areas are a priority, causing walk-in, butler, and built-in pantries to soar in popularity. Homeowners want cabinets featuring customizable drawer dividers. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and deep lower cabinets make the most of storage space. Built-in charging stations optimize cabinet functionality.

  1. Warm Wood Cabinetry

Long gone are the days when homeowners splashed a coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets. In 2024, designers are offering natural wood styles to give the kitchen atmosphere warmth. White oak and walnut top the list of wood species. Flat panel designs with push-to-open technology are desired.

  1. Solid Backsplashes

Yesterday’s backsplashes crisscrossed with grout were incredibly hard to clean. The kitchens of 2024 feature slabs, with quartz being a top choice, as backsplashes. While giving off a luxurious feel, they are also easy to maintain. Trendy backsplash colors are earth tones, warm neutrals, and muted.

  1. Gold Hardware Finish

In the coming years, faucets finished in gold will overtake hardware finished in black and stainless steel. Homeowners prefer that the actual finish be matte, brushed, or satin simply because they hide fingerprints and everyday smudges better than polished finishes.

  1. Undercounter Fridges

Reaching for a cool drink from the kitchen or even a downstairs bar happens when homeowners add undercounter refrigeration to their home. Installing appliances in non-traditional kitchen spaces is all the rage. Expect to see more undercounter refrigerator drawers in 2024.

When you want to upgrade your kitchen with the latest design trends, you’ll need a reliable remodeling contractor who can bring your vision to vibrant life. R3 Contracting is the area’s most trusted contractor for beautiful renovations, like adding ample lighting, installing new cabinets, and designing countertops.

Your dream kitchen starts with a candid discussion with our contractors about the desired layout and materials. Once you approve the digital model, our builders coordinate with trade contractors to begin the project. As the renovation progresses, the homeowner receives regular updates from our team.

R3 Contracting can turn your outdated kitchen into a trendy space that incorporates your choice of design elements, whether that’s gold finishes, quartz countertops, soft lighting, or building a gorgeous island where guests gather and enjoy a meal. We can also add quiet appliances for further convenience.

When you aim to turn your ordinary kitchen into one that meets the design trends of 2024, turn to R3 Contracting. Our dedication to impeccable workmanship and exceptional customer service put us a class above the rest. Call our Schaumburg, Illinois, office to begin your exciting kitchen remodeling project.





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