Must Haves for an Outdoor Kitchen

Must Haves for an Outdoor Kitchen


The outdoor kitchen is a space to entertain friends and family with ease. Grilling veggie skewers, ribs, and hamburgers has never been easier when the outdoor kitchen is built with all the must-haves a homeowners can imagine. Here are eight that make outdoor grilling an event to anticipate.

Before hosting a backyard barbecue or even dining under the summer sun, the outdoor kitchen must feature a range of accessories. These must-haves for a functional outdoor kitchen include appliances, kitchen cooking accessories, bar accessories, hosting accessories, and dining accessories.

1. Appliances

No outdoor kitchen is complete without a built-in grill. Slow-cooked meats and tender skewers start with the right choice of grill. Consider charcoal or kamado grills that bring out the intense flavors of sizzling steaks with their intense heat retention capabilities.

Achieve juicy perfection with a smoker. It infuses the food with a smoky taste by allowing slow and low cooking. If seared steaks are on the menu, a griddle is an ideal choice. Rotate and brown meat evenly over indirect heat by installing a rotisserie kit in the outdoor kitchen.

Pizza lovers must have their own outdoor pizzeria to perfect mouthwatering pizzas. Install a pizza oven, which lets homeowners craft wood-fired pizzas. Even griddles give backyard-cooked pizzas irresistible flair and the meats cooked in rotisserie kits make the perfect pizza toppings.

2. Outdoor Refrigerator

A burger is one half of the meal. Cold drinks are the other half. Keep guests refreshed on hot afternoons by handing them beverages chilled in an outdoor refrigerator. The options are nearly limitless, from wine coolers to beverage coolers and kegerators.

A kegerator isn’t strictly for beer enthusiasts. Though it’s an appliance most commonly used to enjoy microbrews, it doubles as a general beverage dispenser; prepare carbonated water sodas, cocktails, and kombuchas in the kegerator. Serve up beer or other drinks by adding one to the summer kitchen.

Additional outdoor refrigeration options include refrigerator drawers, dry aging refrigerators, and ice makers. Never run out of ice with an onsite ice maker. Homeowners don’t even need to leave the backyard for ice cream when they install a compact freezer in the outdoor kitchen.

3. Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Why run back into the house for a handy spatula when an outdoor cabinet holds all the necessary cooking accessories? An outdoor kitchen cabinet from NatureKast transforms the grill island to a masterful, complete kitchen nestled in the great outdoors.

NatureKast’s line of cabinetry ranges from rustic styles to classic looks that make a bold statement. The drawers conveniently hold all the grilling essentials, like basting brushes, meat probes, skewers, meat injectors, and grill gloves. Grilling is easier with cooking accessories right at one’s fingertips.

Outdoor cabinets are also designed to hold the glassware. These must-haves are ideal for homeowners who entertain with a dedicated outdoor bar. The wine glasses, flutes, martini glasses, and beer mugs are within reach when weather-resistant outdoor cabinets are installed in the outdoor kitchen.

4. Outdoor Sink

Offering utility and convenience, the outdoor sink is another must-have. Grilling burgers outside requires prep work, including handling raw meat. Maintain hygiene and safety by washing hands in the outdoor sink before and after working with food. Cleanup is also quick with access to an outdoor sink.

5. Outdoor Cocktail Station

Mixing drinks has never been easier while entertaining with the help of an outdoor cocktail station. This must-have includes desirable features, such as a drop-in cooler, small sink, caddies for garnishes and drink mixes, integrated cutting board, and even a towel rack.

6. Outdoor Hosting Accessories

An afternoon of consuming tasty grilled meats and veggies is likely to extend well into the evening. When darkness arrives and the entertaining continues, create a warm ambiance by lighting up the backyard with string lights, lanterns, sconces, or lamp posts.

7. Outdoor Television

Watching the game outdoors is a perk of installing an outdoor television near the grill island. Prepare zesty chicken wings and sliders in the outdoor kitchen without missing a single touchdown. Alternately, flip on the outdoor television to watch movies the whole crowd will enjoy.

8. Pull-Out Trash Bin

Gatherings where delicious food is served hot off the grill are sure to end in empty plates. Toss the used paper plates into a pull-out trash bin installed in the outdoor kitchen. Add a recycling bin as an environmentally friendly way to keep the outdoor kitchen space clean and tidy.

Safety is paramount when using an outdoor kitchen. Homeowners are urged to ensure their chosen accessories, from the refrigerators to ice makers, have adequate clearance to prevent the risk of fire. Proper ventilation and insulated jackets also improve overall safety.

An outdoor dream kitchen starts with a plan. Consider the abovementioned must-haves for your new outdoor grilling and entertaining space. Then consult R3 Contracting to turn your vision for an outdoor kitchen into reality. We design and build a range of backyard features, like outdoor kitchens.

Whether your outdoor kitchen is still only a vision or you’ve already commenced building one, our contracting services will get you past the finish line. We can start the project from scratch or work with your existing architect to finalize the design and build.

The R3 design team discusses the project with you, offering recommendations. We often suggest NatureKast cabinet lines for outdoor storage. NatureKast’s outdoor kitchen cabinets create stunning focal points, leaving guests in awe of the functionality and beautiful aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen.

We provide a 3D image that you modify or approve. The exciting build of your outdoor kitchen begins and the lines of communication remain open throughout the project. We keep you involved every step of the way. R3 Contracting manages all phases of the build from start to finish.

As a licensed and insured contractor, R3 Contracting is trusted by countless homeowners in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, and the surrounding suburbs. Our team commits to using high quality materials and delivering impeccable workmanship. Contact R3 today for exceptional outdoor kitchen installation.